first off all of you fantasy football players really should by more like Handicappers! we can make a point spread by 1/2 pt and if we were able to bet in Vegas we would take them broke! we do the reasearch in football! we know who is going to be the Fng GOAT ala (Tannehill) know consider this just how many 1st round draft picks take in the last 10 years are still with thier current team the over/under yesterday when i posted i gave 6 players so i did the reaserch today and it was 8 players in 10 years are drafted in the 1st rd are still with thier orginal team! so why do all of you FFP think Tannehill is going to be the future of the Franchise? wasnt Russell suppose to be with the Raiders and Leaf with the whoecver who even cares about him? tannehill will be selling Life Insurance in 2014 mark my word BET ON IT if Vegas ever gives odds on him! and a Black Qb the only one ever to win a Super Bowl was decades ago and he only won because even though he got the MVP his OL really were all Studs that let him do whatever he needed to do! Garrad he is even lucky to be playing football! i support Matt Moore completly and Philbin only stated that they had to post something and in no way was it settled! Moore will be our starting QB and he will win games with Moore we win 8-9 games with Garrad we win 5-7 Tannehill we win 2-3 if he’s shit ass lucky! you heard it hear first! from the WISEGUYS u can check my Handicapping on Las Vegas Hilton Top Dawgs every week and they arent free picks and i have a 72% winning percentage now what Handicapper even can pic for a hole year at even 54-59 % the # is 0!


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