Garrard is an African american Qb and only 1 AA QB has ever won a super bowl! what T F U need to censor the truth about what a real person that is a famed handicapper and in the Top 5 % of Las Vegas Hilton Top Dawgs! maybe there is one in sight for the next 10 yrs in Cam but he had a great yr last year and if he can dup it again i can say he is a contender to become the 2nd to do it? so WTF is Garrard & tannehill there were nothing more then a smoke screen by ross tryng to Suck up to the fan base! now learn this everyone in the last 10 yrs in the NFL what is the % of QBs that are still with thier orginal team that drafted them? think about it and i will give you the excact % after i rant onward! Garrard never should have been brought in to miami again his an AA Qb and only 1 has ever won a SB and thats because he had a monster OL that gave AA are far suppieor to white men at more skilled postions that he deserved AA players were built to be WR & RB you need intellegence at! and not a postion where they far suppieor to the white players cause of thier speed that thier body stucture brings to the game! now for Tannehill are all Miami fans smoking crack and buying ross smoke screen that he is our future??? Ok to my above question about percentage of 1st rd QBs are still with thier orginal team to this day! it is 29.8% of the 1st rd picks are still playing for thier orginal team! cum on even Manning got bounced for a rookie who was the NEXT BIG THING GURANTEED! i started the SUCK for LUCK slogan 2 1/2 yrs ago when he was still a sophomore he has every skill needed to become one of the Greatest ever to play QB in the NFL…..! now tannehill will become a life insurance agent selling to all of his devoted followers in Miami so save up and put your money where your mouth was about praising this deadbeat! and buy his insurance police so he can keep his Smokin HOT wife! caus i doubt that she is still going to be pushing his wheel chair up hills and she will be filing for a divorce in 2016…………..


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