i think you all should just stay as Fcng fantasy football players and let the debates up to us handicappers! i for 1 am right up front Griese was Awesome but he never handicapped games for a living like i have! i can get a point spread to a 1/2 point and my records are all public with the biggest Sports book in the States! look me up on The Las Vegas Hilton Top Dawgs! i always finish 1st to 3rd for the last 5 years since i began as a handicapper caus no bookies or Casinos will no longer take any of my bets they even got a hold of my mules trying to place bets for me and they got busted and banned from every sports booking place in the only place in the US where you can legal place bets in Las Vegas! tannehill had an alright game but the main thing is the Dolphins lost again and all of you FFP already are smoked by stev0 = Jackass Boys Movie fan with his smoke screen making you all claim he is the future! when in reality i am laying all of my 78% NFL picks up on the block to all paying customers that tannehill will be out of the NFL by 2016 & selling life insurance to your all next great player! he isnt no Andrew Luck and you cant even compare him to Luck, i started the SUCK for LUCK slogan first in the States for him when he was just a sophomore and he WILL BE THE NEXT GREATEST EVER QB EVER TO PLAY IN THE NFL without a question so read it and weep caus its going to be another 6-7 win season for our Fins we really arnt that good in the absoltute WORST DIVISION IN FOOTBALL!


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